Monday, September 10, 2012

Fine Art America dot com

I shifted gears again, this time with a different "print on demand" site.
It started when I did a search for photographic prints, so as to decide what prices to ask for my prints. The very top item in the search results was Fine Art America.
My next step being to promote my site, it dawned on me right away that FAA is where I needed to be...that's where many people looking for prints will search. So I opened an account and added a bunch of photos.
I missed the part of the deal where the free account can only offer 25 prints for sale, so I'm at the limit now. The premium account isn't as limited but until I sell a few prints I can't justify it or afford it.
Also because of the 25 limitation, I probably won't abandon my Wordpress/Fotomoto project at this time.
So please check out the slideshow in the top right column and click through to look at my photos there.
And wish me luck.
Art Prints

Saturday, September 1, 2012


IMG_1046 by Dark Sky Photography
IMG_1046, a photo by Dark Sky Photography on Flickr.

Posting this directly from my Flickr.
A little delay in my photography site as I wasn't 100% happy with several of the photos I chose to start out with. My main (desktop) computer is down and editing on the laptop is rough on the ol' eyes. I will get some done soon so I can get this started.