Saturday, March 24, 2012


 Really, I start a project right when I'm about to start another "shooter's block". I've been shooting a little bit here and there though, it's just a matter of picking some nicer shots to edit...hopefully I have a few.
 When I do shoot, lately I've been using the 50mm f1.8 lens. Not far reaching but it's a nice fast lens, gives me sharp photos. Many say it's a good portrait lens - I haven't put it to the test for that yet.
 I joined a photo contest site called I Shot It. I entered a few contests and now interest has temporarily(?) waned on that as well.
 I think it's because of the warm weather and the fact that there is SO much work to be done around here.
 My son and I went to a small powwow last weekend, the first of the season in this area (that I know of - I'm not right on top of things though). Saw some familiar faces and bought some sage as well as a mixture of herbs ("sacred blend"). The powwow was held indoors and it was very close quarters, but it was still a nice time. We stayed maybe an hour or so.
 My Canon EOS 50D is no longer "picked up" by the computer when I connect the USB. I thought it was the pc but it also isn't recognized by the laptop so I want to find out if that can be fixed or if it's worth bothering. Now I have been using the card reader - I hate removing the card because i sometimes take off with the camera only to find the memory card is still plugged into the reader. Doh!
 I have my little yacht home now. Just a couple repairs and a motor and she'll be sea-worthy...well, water-worthy. Not sure if I'll take her out on the open sea. But maybe on a very calm day. Here are a few pics of it from my camera phone that I uploaded to show people who might be able to advise on the repairs it needs...more photos to come...

I reached another little snag on the canoe project and not sure if I'll go back to having it repaired by someone or what I'm going to do about it...*sigh*
 Well, stay tuned and have a great weekend!