Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This weekend, despite the springlike weather before and after, we got our first measurable snowfall of the winter.
It arrived in two subsequent (and fairly small) storms.
The total in our area probably averaged about a foot.
This photo was taken after the first storm, with the early morning sun shining through the trees and the wind knocking the snow off the branches causing a beautiful smokey/cloudy effect. Very nice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wellfleet and my Droid X2

Photo taken with my Motorola Droid x2 a couple weeks ago. I did some minor tweaks and leveled the crooked horizon, using Irfanview (free software that's very capable for quick minor editing - been using it for years). There is a similar pic on my other blog that was taken with my Canon EOS 50D.

Chickadee-dee-dee and logo/watermark

Have not been shooting much. Cold weather and medical procedures, not feeling well, and been busy with working on renovating an "old" website (, but did manage to edit a few pics from a couple weeks ago.
I did find some time to design this watermark/logo as well. I also made a version that is black with white outline, the opposite of this one, which I think looks better. I wish I could just have the white outline with a transparent background...not sure how that would show over the photos though...or maybe white outline with a black shadow.
I didn't use any software that I have. I made it at and imported the generated pic into lightroom to be used as a watermark.
Anyway, I kind of like it but I think it may be a little too much. What do you think of it? Any ideas or suggestions?

Monday, January 9, 2012


Wellfleet Harbor

I was missing the Cape so I spent an afternoon mostly in Wellfleet, where my family used to own a cottage by the ocean. We spent at least two weeks a year there and many weekends.
One memory I have is the amazing sunsets on the bay side, so I decided to stay and try to catch some photos of it.

For January, there sure was a lot of traffic going both ways on my way home. I guess some was normal, but maybe I wasn't alone with the idea of a winter day trip. It sure was a nice day for it.

Cape Cod - Not just for summer anymore (but mostly, since most of the touristy shops and restaurants were closed for the season).